“I understand my role as a designer is to personalize objects made just for you, my client. It is my job to create an environment that makes a statement about your life!” – Collette Collins

Laying out veneer

The process of working with Collette Collins Design is like meeting with Louis Vuitton before your big event and taking your pick from his designs—and then suggesting changes tailored just for you. In the world of architecture, the architect designs your home, or dress—if you will—, but Collette Collins designs the “accessories” that make your home more “you.”

Collette Collins is a designer and builder of unique sculptural furniture, cabinetry, and decorative wall coverings; including mirrors, work stations, and housing for appliances. Because she is not attached to just one medium, Collette draws from a broad body of knowledge to design using diverse materials, from exotic hardwoods to beeswax-and-leather encaustics; rubber, fabric, lead to suede and acrylic. This adaptability in her one-of-a-kind designs is also what enables Collette to integrate salvage material into her fashionable, cutting-edge pieces.

Collette works with clients who are educated professionals; sophisticated; yet down-to-earth. From the very first Collette and her clients build mutual trust as they communicate around Collette’s intuitive aesthetic to create the best design and function for their space.

Collette’s clients appreciate not only her meticulous artistry and solid craftsmanship, but her honesty and flair for the dramatic are what make the environments she builds stand out from the crowd in ways that are surprising, intuitive, modern, – and always comfortable.   Collette’s clients say they get three times the value of what they pay.



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