Jamie in her lovely chair

Jamie Joseph

“I love LOVE LOVE my chair.”


Rambo kitchen before and after

Margaret Rambo

“Collette uses her very keen eye to pay extreme attention to the details that count. She is almost compulsive for a cabinet builder!

She customized a solution that utilized a relatively inexpensive material to make beautiful, sophisticated cabinetry for my home. Her sense of design and the meticulous detailing of the product were very clean-lined and beautiful–plus, it fits the era of house.

Collette is quite good at describing what she will do and how she’s going to achieve that. Her manner is extremely exuberant. She’s very excited and impassioned. You always know where you stand with Collette.

It was fun to work with Collette. I enjoyed the experience. She did a beautiful job!”


Dubsea coffee counter


Sibelle Nguyen

“Collette does amazing work. She put her skill and creativity into the project even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted when we first met. It was her ability to hear what I wanted that made the end result beautiful!

Collette knows how to create an environment that has an underlying “WOW” factor.

Collette really get things done, staying focused on the project. It’s authentic, real…in terms of what she’s expressing.”


Roger Capestany

“Collette has versatility.  She can design from scratch or make an existing design work, then fabricate it and install it.   She does the metal work, the plastic work, and the woodwork.   Her gift as an artist is that she can do the mundane and she can do the fabulous.  She’s a wonderful resource to have. She’s great at talking about work, working through design solutions with the owner. Her ability to do the work for me is unparalleled.

What distinguishes her from others is the fact that she brings everything to the table with her artistic eye. She was able to see things that a regular carpenter may not see. As an artisan, designer, installer, Collette brings an artistic eye to the project. Collette is an amazing craftswoman who designs beautiful stuff.  She doesn’t want to compromise.  I admire that she uses a lot of found, salvaged woods.”


Custom made dining room set


Renee Mills

“Collette designed and built a fabulous dining room set for me. She does excellent work with the creativity of an artist and the skills of a master furniture maker.”






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